PEPES was a fair launch. There were no whitelist, designated funds, or individuals/ institutions who had early access.


What is PEPES ? PEPES is a DeFi protocol built on Solana. We started off as a staking service but have now expanded to do more.Our staking strategies allow you to enjoy great returns and a high APY. The newest addition to our platform, the PEPES token provides a solid structure to create opportunities to participate and earn more with DeFi.


Can I access PEPES on my phone?You can access PEPES with Sollet & Phantom on mobile. However, PEPES is most optimal on desktop browsers.What wallets can I use?You can connect using either of the following wallets Phantom, Solflare, Sollet, Ledger, or Solong. If other wallets are developed in the later future, we will be sure to integrate them into our platform.Will there be an airdrop?There was no airdrop or whitelist - Fair launch for all.

Has PEPES been audited? How do we know this is not a scam?

Our priority is to maintain PEPES security and we are always working to innovate and strengthen our platform. We are working closely with auditors who are fluent in Solana blockchain technology and getting our protocol reviewed thoroughly. If you have any questions, our telegram community is always willing to answer.


Why should I stake my SOL?

By staking your SOL tokens, you are helping secure the networks while wonderfully being able to earn rewards at the same time. What is the minimum SOL needed to stake? You will need to make sure you have enough SOL to support your transaction. Solana fees are relatively low.

What is sSOL?

sSOL is the token you receive upon staking SOL on PEPES. This token represents your share of the total pool of staked SOL and indicated your deposit and earned rewards. Over time, the value of sSOL appreciates as delegation flows. You can exchange sSOL for SOL.

How do I get sSOL?

You can get sSOL by staking your SOL on our platform.

Where does my SOL go?

PEPES protocol diversifies and builds the highest rewards for our users by automatically delegating in the most optimal validators. Upon staking SOL, you will receive sSOL, which increases in value every SOL epoch.Unstaking sSOL back for SOL You can unstake sSOL for SOL at any time by going to the our platform site β†’ Stake β†’ Unstake tab.**Please keep in mind withdraw fees and the two unstake options: unstake now and delayed unstake.

How long does stake and unstake take?

You can stake immediately and we have two options to unstake: unstake now and delayed unstake. There is a fee and time difference between unstake and delayed unstake. Delayed unstake can up to 3-6 days (~1-2 epochs).

How can I redeem sSOL for SOL?

You can redeem sSOL for SOL through the unstake tab. There are two options to unstake: Unstake now and Delayed unstake. Unstake Now allows you to instantly receive SOL with a higher transaction fee. Delayed unstake is another option that requires more time at a lower transaction fee.

How does delayed unstake work?

If you choose "Delayed unstake" you will be able to claim your SOL in approximately 3-6 days. A ticket that shows the amount and time of your unstake will be show at the bottom of the unstable box. To view your ticket after you disconnect, you will need to reconnect your wallet to PEPES, go to the Stake page --> click Unstake --> then click on the Delayed Unstake tab.

What kinds of fees does PEPES have?

Unstake Now 0.3% Delayed Unstake 0.05% Withdraw fee 2%The fees go in to support our buyback & burn mechanism to sustain the value of PEPES.


What is an epoch? How long do they last?

1 Solana epoch lasts approximately 2.5-3 days.

When can we use ALOHA (AHA)?

Aloha (AHA) staking will begin after 9 epochs since the launch. We launched January 27, 2022.

What is the ALOHA token/event?

The ALOHA token is a part of our welcome event and is only available for 9 epochs from our launch (1 epoch is 2.5-3 days). Users holding ALOHA tokens will receive PEPES tokens distributed in proportion to the amount of ALOHA they hold for 180 days from the time PEPES distribution begins. When you deposit ALOHA into the staking pool, you will receive a linear distribution of PEPES.After the event is done, we will open the pool for you to stake and receive your PEPES.IMPORTANT: During the reward collection period, you must deposit ALOHA tokens in the staking pool to receive PEPES distribution in a 1:1 ratio. If you do not deposit in the ALOHA staking pool during this period, you will be excluded from the reward. We will make sure to remind the community regarding the timeline of the ALOHA event.How do I use AHA?For 1 Epoch, we will provide users with the opportunity to stake their AHA into a pool. There, you can earn PEPES rewards linearly. You will need to manually stake, it does not work automatically by holding in your wallet.


What is PEPES?

PEPES is PEPES governance token. The PEPES token helps stabilize and build efficiency within the network. By holding PEPES, you can participate in DeFi opportunities and grow your crypto rewards (More to come soon!)





277 ~ 279 epoch

  • At the start of the 277 epoch, 5 pools added for farming.

  • Boost of 2x maintained

280 ~ 282 epoch

  • At the start of the 280 epoch, more pools may be added for farming

  • Boost of 2x maintained

283 epoch

  • ALOHA event will be completed

  • AHA Linear Distribution & Redeem Pool opens

  • PEPES Pool opens

284 epoch

  • Linear Distribution starts

You can find out more about the event timeline on the page, The 283 epoch and after​


What does providing liquidity do?

You can only provide SOL to the Unstake Liquidity Pool. By doing this, you make your SOL available for users who want to use the 'Unstake now' function and you earn a share of the fees in exchange.

Why should I provide liquidity?

By providing liquidity, you are expanding your opportunities to grow your crypto rewards. If you provide liquidity to a SOL-sSOL pool, then you will receive a proportional share of SOL-sSOL liquidity tokens. Each time SOL is exchanged for sSOL (or vice versa), the trade value goes into the pool. This will accumulate over time to increase the overall value of the deposits.When you choose to redeem your liquidity tokens, you will receive a proportional share of the pool in SOL and sSOL, which also includes any additional fees accumulated.​

Always make sure to do your own research 🌟

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