๐Ÿ’กThe 283 epoch and after

From the start of the 283 epoch

Once the 283 epoch begins, PEPES pools will launch and we will begin preparing for reward collection that begins in the 284 epoch. There are two options for reward collection that you will need to choose between.

Remember, you must deposit your AHA during this epoch. This event is not an automatic reward system.

Stake your AHA tokens here: https://www.sunnysideup.finance/aloha. Click deposit once you're ready. Please read through the options.

OPTION 1: Linear Distribution

The 283 epoch serves as a time to prepare for linear distribution.

Simply, you will receive PEPES tokens distributed in proportion to the amount you hold for 180 days from the time the PEPES distribution starts. This means that for 180 days, the 1:1 ratio for AHA and PEPES will be upheld. PEPES rewards are generated and distributed linearly according to the amount you deposit.

For example, if you deposited 1800 AHA tokens, you will earn 10 PEPES tokens for 180 days.

NOTE: If you stake after the 284 epoch starts (late), then you will not be able to claim any prior rewards. You must deposit during the 283 epoch to receive the full 180-day linear distribution. In other words, 180 days does not necessarily start from the time you deposit, rather the 180 day period starts from the time PEPES distribution begins. There are no exceptions to this.


The 283 epoch serves as the only time to participate in the auction.

For the auction, the exchange ratio starts at 50% and adjusts based on the amount of deposited AHA. 5,000,000 (5million) PEPES will be allocated to the PEPES auction pool.

During the 284 epoch, you will be able to claim your PEPES rewards based on the auction.

284-285 epoch

The buyback and burn mechanism will take place by leveraging the 2% withdrawal fee to help sustain the PEPES platform.

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