Mining Distribution Rates

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Currently (as of writing this document), there is 57.5 PEPES mined every 10 slots. 8.625 PEPES/slot [15% of mined PEPES], goes to the build allocation, which will be used to ensure sustainable development and innovation of the platform. The rest is distributed and burned. Here are further details regarding the 15% designated for build allocation:

  • The build allocation will be managed by the PEPES team. No individuals will be directly receiving any resources from the build allocation.

  • The main objective of this build allocation is to stabilize operations and governance.

65% of the build allocation - Governance

  • Used purely for maintaining governance and stabilizing the system once rolled out *Until the launch of the governance system, it will be locked up*

35% of the build allocation - Other necessary costs (Note: We do not plan to sell immediately)

  • 10% - Marketing

  • 15% - Research & Development

  • 10% - Operations

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