Getting Started

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Setting Up

Follow the next simple steps to begin your journey with PEPES.

  • Create a wallet

    • You will need to set up a wallet that supports Solana (SPL: Solana Program Library). Make sure you choose a wallet that best supports your financial goals and needs.

  • Deposit your crypto to your wallet

    • To participate in any transaction on the Solana network you will need $SOL (native token). You will also need SOL to stake on PEPES.

  • Connect to PEPES 🍳

    • Once you're all set up - click "Select Wallet" and start staking!

For next steps

Here are extra guides to help you get going:TOKENOMICS​

  • Learn about PEPES and governance


  • Read more about our platform's perks and advantages

If you can't find what you are looking for, feel to get in touch with our team and community.​

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